Crochet With Wire SUPPLY

The supply section of the shop offers most items you would require to follow the wire crochet patterns and tutorials. You will find here most items that are offered as part of the wire crochet kits, so in a way they are here so you can customize your own wire crochet kit.  they are split into 3 categories:

Wire crochet tools where you will find Yoola's unique range of tools, 6 sizes of the ISK looms, draw plate, bubbles necklace mold, quality crochet hooks, and single knitting needles.

Wires ‚Äď quality silver plated coated copper wires in a wide range of colors, yellow gold filled wire, rose gold filled wire, fine silver wire and sterling silver.

Findings ‚Äď some of the small beats and pieces used in my process are hard to find online, for your convenience they are listed here and you can enjoy a one-stop shop experience.

Bottom line this section is all the supply required for making YoolaDesign wire crochet jewelry, some of the supply are also good for wire work, Viking knitting and spool knitting.

Crochet Supply Products