Giant looms set - Invisible Spool Knitting


NEW really large looms to assist you in making larger ISK creations, demonstrated here are the YoolaMandala's , but much more can be created .   

This set includes the following:

1. XL loom wiht 56 gates, Size : diameter 2.7" (7cm) , color : Orange

2. XXL loom with 84 gates, Size : diameter 5.9" (15cm) , color : Blue

3. XXXL loom with 120 gates, Size : diameter 7.9" (20cm) , color : Black

To be used ONLY with 28 gauge soft wire and hook size : 0.6/ 0.75 / 1 

Together with your purchase you will receive a PDF file and access to a video explaining in detail how to make YoolaMandala size XXL plus in short the XXXL instructions,  in the future there will be additonal patterns for these loom.  

you can purchase the looms in 2 ways :

1. directly via shapeawys where the looms are 3D printed fro me :

if you are from the US and have only the loom in your order this could be a good option.

or,  2. via here... but pls allow 2 weeks until I can ship them because I don't keep a lot in stock at the moment, and need to order them for you.




smaller looms size are : 

XS ISK starter , for 4 loops based patterns, diameter 0.3" (0.8cm)

S ISK starter, for 12 loops based patterns, diameter 0.66" (1.7cm)

M ISK starter , for 24 loops based patterns, diameter 1.2" (3.1cm)

L ISK starter , for 40 loops based patterns, diameter 1.9" (5cm)



all looms are available on the supply section :


"I just finished my first pair of sunflower earrings and am wearing them. I just love your designs. So different and classic!"


"I have received the Starter Kit and I love it! I have just begun to make some of your jewelry. My first cuff was a disaster because my base wasn't as accurate as I had hoped. With the starter kit, the video and written directions, I was successful in making my first pair of earrings.

Thanks so much for developing the starter kit. It makes a great deal of difference in my final results."


"Soooooo helpful for the projects! Very glad I purchased."


"Thanks so much, these 'frames' make it sooooo much easier! I can highly recommend them to anyone who likes to make your jewellery!"


"I love this tool. I have "older" hands and this tool really helps. Very addictive. It took a few try's for me to get the "feel" for the size loops and holding the hook at the correct angle for smooth operation. Worth the effort...FUN."


Thanks so much, these 'frames' make it sooooo much easier! I can highly recommend them to anyone who likes to make your jewellery!



If you have any questions don't hesitate to contact me and I will be happy to assist you.


This is a registered design patent.


read more about the looms on my BLOG - click here !

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