Crochet with wires KITS

Welcome to the wire crochet kit section, on this section you will find the whole range of DIY kits.

The wire crochet kits have two main configurations: Single pattern kits and Combo kits , the difference between the two configurations is the size of the kit, while the single kits are all about a specific one wire crochet tutorial, the combo kits as their name implies contain more tutorials and naturally more supply and tools. While the single kits have a more modest price tag, the combo kits eventually offer a better deal and allow you to save money.

Each single kit includes a Video tutorial & printable PDF pattern of the specific item it features, giving you the best e-learning experience. Both the video and the PDF are Very detailed and include high-quality photos and video shots, the step by step tutorials do not require any previous knowledge or experience in wire crochet to be followed successfully. The tutorial is accompanied with the tools and supplies required to finish the specific item of the kit.  The tutorial can be delivered either via a downloadable link, burned to a CD or burned to a USB flash drive. For example if you choose the YoolaTube kit, it will include in addition to the tutorial the ISK starter in the required size, S in this case, a draw plate, a hook, wire and findings to finish a YoolaTube necklace.

Each wire crochet kit is nicely packed in a gift box ready to be given as a gift; it makes a unique and meaningful gift for a crafty soul or a crocheter looking to expand their scope beyond yarn.

Each listing specifies clearly what's in the kit, the estimated preparation time, the difficulty level and if any additional tools such as wire cutter are required.

The multi items kits in comparison with the single kits, offer a package with several tutorials per kit; the kits have different number of patterns included in them and are a great choice for someone looking to start bigger. By choosing a multi-item kit you can get in one box a wider perspective of the opportunities that the invisible spool knitting technique has to offer. 

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