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Learn Wire Crochet Jewelry Making

People that see my work for the first time find it hard to believe that they can actually learn how to make wire crochet jewelry with just a little effort and a small investment.

But it's true, I write and film wire crochet jewelry instructions that enable almost anyone to recreate my designs on their own.Ā  Ā 

If you are debating why to learn how to make wire crochet jewelry I can give you a few ideas, although I'm sure there are many more. The most obvious is that you will be making wonderful pieces with just the cost of the materials, and I can promise you, the jewelry you will be making will not go unnoticed. You will be able to make unique and meaningful gifts, which will become very popular, all your friends and family will want you to make them wire jewelryā€¦

If you are looking for a hobby to make and sell, this could be a good option, the designs are unique and eye-catching, quite a few of my client's report they managed to increase their income by selling the jewelry they make. In case you were wondering I'm happy to allow selling of the items you make following my crochet jewelry wire patterns; the only request is to give credit and indicate that I am the source of the design.

Wire crocheting jewelry will also bring you peace of mind; it is very relaxing and has the influence of meditation, the repetitive movements of both hands while concentrating on what you are making has this effect on your mind, did anyone say mindfulnessā€¦ ?

Studies also show that learning a new skill, in this case following a wire crochet tutorial, has a positive effect on you brain, so not only you will be making wonderful pieces, you will also exercise your brain.

I'm sure you are wondering what exactly is this technique, it looks too good and cohesive to be wire crochet, and too small to be wire knitting. This question does not have a simple or easy answer, because it's neither of these two, nor any other known technique used for wire jewelry making. The technique I use is done with a crochet hook but the result looks knitted.

the Invisible spool knitting or in short ISK is a name I gave this enchanting wire work technique, I dig into a lot of information and couldnā€™t find any specific term to describe it good enough,Ā only lately I managed to put my hands on a copy of Arline Fisch "Textile techniques in metal", where she describes a similar work asĀ spool knitting without the spool. I would say this is a close definition with a big difference, spool knitting is done inwards and downwards while theĀ Invisible spool knitting is executed with open loops going up.

Sounds confusing? you are not alone, this is what led me to publish my first wire crochet tutorial!

Wondering why to choose this technique over any other wire jewelry making technique? let me help you,

It's a light and compact hobby that you can carry around and do anywhere, the materials are affordable; itā€™s an economic hobby that won't require a large investment. It enables versatility in creating different shapes and different styles, you can make delicate minimalist designs, BOHO beaded style and Fashion forward designs, all in the same technique, but most importantly the results are neat and elegant.
From Hoop earrings to crochet bracelets or any piece of jewelry you can think of

To make this adventure as successful as possible, and to enjoy the advantage of a community, I run a close facebook group where people from all over the world meet and exchange ideas. The advantage of an international community is that someone is always up. Another beauty is that you may find local contacts that have the same interest as you. The YoolaISK group is open only for YoolaDesign clients, you will receive an invite to join after your first purchase, even if its just for one wire crochet tutorial. Our community includes 1,500 active members and more than 14,000 clients worldwide...

If you still have any questions feel free to contact me I'm email friendly and I try to reply as soon as I can.

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"The pattern was digital and arrived pronto! I so enjoy all of your patterns and have enjoyed making several necklaces and a bracelet. Thank you. Debbie"

"Love this item. It works a treat. Packaging is beautiful. Seller is fab, posted item really quickly and kept me informed of shipping times It arrived much quicker than expected too. Would recommend item and seller to anyone. Thank you!, Mandy"

"This is an art! I love it a lot, just need to practice more and be patient. And yoola is so kind and quick problem solving!"

"Easy to follow instructions. Access to video tutorial is easy. PDF have detailed pictures."

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