Wire Crochet Necklaces

Wire crochet Statement necklaces, Pendant necklaces & Long necklaces, wear a unique story with Yoola Jewelry!

Wire Crochet is a great technique for creating wonderful necklaces,. The main reason is because wire crochet jewelry is so light, which enables making statement necklaces that have volume with no weight.

A great example would be the INFINITY necklace, this particular design has a great impact with almost no weight.

Another good example would be the collar wire crochet necklace that has the great benefit of being able to be worn in 3 different ways, to make 3 completely unique fashion statements!

Right after the statement necklaces there is a whole range of more classic wire crochet designs, that are more subtle but still make an impact, and also have the "featherlight" effect, they come as short and long necklaces.

In this group of designs, you can find the biblical wire crochet necklace , the O necklace and a few more .

For the younger audience, I make delicate wire crochet necklaces such as the love knot necklace and very wide range of wire crochet pendant necklaces.

Swarovski crystals and pearls are a perfect match for wire crochet designs, the delicateness of the wire crochet and the crystals or pearls create a romantic range of jewelry, a perfect fit for bridesmaids, brides, bat mitzvah girls, and fresh graduates.

This very wide collection of wire crochet necklaces is available in yellow gold filled , rose gold filled and silver!  

There is a fit for almost anyone ! ... Custom orders are welcome so feel free to contact me!