Wire Crochet Ring

Welcome to the wire crochet rings section of my shop, if you are looking for crochet wire jewelry for sale you landed at the right place, as a wire crochet jewelry designer I find rings an interesting topic, a crocheted ring has a very unique feel, it is not as soft as textile but also not as hard as solid metal rings, it has this in between feel, a client once wrote me the ring feels like a glove on her finger. Its always fun t hear or see people's reaction to my crocheted rings.  

As you can see there are quite a few jewelry ring designs here, starting at the most simple thin and delicate band ring, moving forward to a wider one up until a full finger ring, each design has its charm. The younger girls usually go with the most delicate designs, so if you are gift shopping, this could be a hint towards the right direction. The full finger rings as you can probably imagine are a true showstopper, and will not go unnoticed.

In additional to wire ring ideas I also make rings with gemstones and pearls, to add a little bit of their charm and color. All rings are made to size when your order is placed, not sure what size you need ? don't worry, I prepared this quick guide that should solve this piece of the puzzle : YoolaDesign ring sizer  

If learning that this whole collection can be made by you, with your own hands, with very little equipment and a short learning period, is something that intrigues you, I invite you to hop over to the DIY section where I will teach you how to make wire crochet ring. The most basic wire crochet ring pattern is the band ring, which is a beginners level pattern, so no problem heading right there.


Landed here by chance and you have no idea how to get started learning wire crochet in the ISK technique?  Hop over to the where do I start page, you should find all your answers there. Still have questions? drop me a note via the green contact us button or email me, I'm email friendly and would love to answer all your questions.