Chic gold disc earrings - crocheted with 14k gold filled wire


The chic gold disc earrings are made of 14k gold filled wire using a crochet hook, its diameter is 1.6" (4cm), the hooks are gold filled as well.


These Chic discs were born when I was exploring bottoms for my pomegranates…..

People kept turning it over saying they are fascinated by this side.

So I decided to try and make an item focusing on that method as the main feature.

The outcome are very airy, light yet firm discs. As you can notice I decided not to put it into a frame. In my opinion this way its uniqueness and floweriness is enhanced.


When created in gold the contrast with the air is enhanced and the outcome is dramatic.


Check out the matching necklace.


The earrings are available in various sizes as well as in silver, rose gold, oxydized silver nd numerous colors, pick your own


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