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Christmas tree ornament VIDEO PATTERN - Advanced Level wire crochet pattern


The Christmas tree ornament is an advanced level wire crochet pattern, it comes in VIDEO format, this pattern does not teach the technique and is too difficult for a beginner ! if you don't know yet to wire crochet in the invisible spool knitting . pls start with one of the beginners level patterns : either the YoolaTube, YoolaCuff, YoolaFlower or YoolaRing.

In this pattern you will learn to DIY a Unique Christmas tree ornament , a wire crocheted mini tree , this can make a lovely handmade Christmas gift .
after purchase you will be able to download a PDF that includes the video link , password and pattern summary .

Finished Size : 1.7" / 4.5 cm Tall

✔ Required Materials :


  1. • 1 crochet hook - size 0.6mm or up to 1mm
    • approx 5 gr 28 gauge (0.3mm) copper wire in 2 colors (red+green)
    • Wire cutter
    • S size ISK starter



          approx 1 hour

           ★ DIFFICULTY LEVEL :


           Advanced , this tutorial cant be followed unless you can crochet in ISK 


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           This is not the standard crochet you have been used to; trying to find the right wording for it, the most accurate appears to be the ISK, a technique with which you will create designs that look like knitting, while using a crochet hook.

           pls note all rights belong to yael falk aka Yoola and it is prohibited to make any commercial use of the pattern or to make the finished piece for sell.


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