Chunky Bangle Bracelets - Partial Crochet pattern

Chunky Bangle Bracelets - Partial Crochet pattern


This is a  "recipe format"  fro the bangle Bracelets, meaning it is based on another full pattern, in this case the YoolaTube . 

This mini tutorial will reveal the recipe of making the bangle Bracelets, based on the YoolaTube pattern , keep in mind if you are not familiar with the invisible spool knitting you may be required to get the pattern mentioned above to fully be bale to accomplish the making of the bangles.

This specific recipe also includes a password protected video :) ....

the access details appear in the PDF you will be able to download after purchase. 

No previous knowledge or experty is required in order to get hooked on ISK technique, only stable hands and good eyesight.

✔ Required Materials :

  • Stainless steel crochet hook size 0.75 or 0.6
  • 2 spools of Copper wire 28 gauge (0.3mm)
  • Wire cutter
  • ISK starter size S (12 loops) – optional
  • Draw plate
  • Metal tube bead(silver/gold filled /copper/brass) 0.3" (8 mm) long , diameter of approx 0.35" or 9mm
  • Upholsterers needle no 2 (=curved needle)



    It would take 30-60 minutes to make a bangle.


    “Fantastic kit, including Yoola's instructional videos that make the process so easy. As always, Yoola was super helpful when I contacted her - one of my favorite sellers! “- Catherine

    “I love it! Perfect for making those hard to find holiday gifts yourself! “- Jillian

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    This is not the standard crochet you have been used to; trying to find the right wording for it, the most accurate appears to be the ISK, a technique with which you will create designs that look like knitting, while using a crochet hook.

    pls note all rights belong to yael falk aka Yoola and it is prohibited to make any commercial use of the pattern or to make the finished piece for sell.


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