Extended Wire Crochet Supply Kit with 2 ROSE GOLD wire spools


An extended  wire crochet supply kit , including all you need  to discover a new wire crochet jewelry making technique.

This kit includes:

1 x full ISK set of starter looms - unique fro my technique

2 x crochet hooks size 0.75mm / 0.6mm / 1mm , great quality PONY hooks that are perfect for working with wires.

1 x YOOLA wooden draw plate with holes the size required for making YoolaTube necklaces.

2 x Extra Long Silver plated ROSE gold wire spools, a total of 240 feet (70 M) of 28 gauge wire, that's a lot ! you can make wiht such an amount 3 very long tube necklaces , 4 short ones or 4 wide cuffs.

This kit is great for wire crochet, wire knitting, spool knitting, viking knitting and obviously Yoola's ISK invisible spool knitting.

With your purchase you will receive access to a video explaining how to use the ISK set , please note this is not a step by Step one item pattern, but a general explanation of the role of the ISK starters in the process.

Check my online video tutorials for making specific items !

This listing is for the materials ONLY, the items in the images are to demonstrate one design of many that you can make with this kit.

If you would like a kit that includes also CD's with complete projects, check My Wire Crochet Kits section 


Want to LEARN how to make Yoola jewelry yourself ? Follow the link

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