THE FULL 20 wire crochet tutorials pack - June 2016


For those of you that want to have the FULL wire crochet tutorials pack currently published , this listing is for you !

a total of 20 PDF files and 18 video's . Subscribe to our newsletter to know when new ones are published , we have big plans for the coming year .

the PDF files include close up photos explaining step by step how to successfully make the said design.

the video's are taken from your point of view showing you Yoola's hands as if they were yours , this is done to make it even easier to follow the instructions and  imitate her hands.

  1. YoolaTube - PDF + VIDEO
  2. YoolaFlower - PDF + VIDEO
  3. YoolaCuff - PDF + VIDEO
  4. Yoolaring - PDF + VIDEO
  5. Yoola pomegranates- PDF + VIDEO
  6. Yoola Infinity- PDF + VIDEO
  7. Yoola Eve earrings- PDF + VIDEO
  8. Pixie beads- PDF + VIDEO
  9. YoolaHoops- PDF + VIDEO
  10. Yoolaheart- PDF + VIDEO
  11. Yoola Potion pendants- PDF + VIDEO
  12. Celtic heart- PDF + VIDEO
  13. Lampshades- PDF + VIDEO
  14. Pears- PDF ONLY
  15. Drops- PDF ONLY
  16. Cleopatra- PDF + VIDEO
  17. Dreidels- PDF + VIDEO
  18. Braided Bracelet- PDF + VIDEO 
  19. Calla Lily- PDF + VIDEO
  20. Cleopatra Shield Ring- PDF + VIDEO 

Any of these items make a wonderful gift for any age, and any occasion.

For those of you looking for a last minute original gift this could be perfect.

Different tutorials packs are available on the Wire crochet patterns section in my shop .

Kits that include relevant materials are also available at the Wire crochet kits section .

Please note all rights reserved to YooLa (aka Yael Falk), and it is prohibited to make commercial use of the tutorial and/or the pattern.

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