Giant Gold Hoop Earrings , Gold Wire Crochet Jewelry , Fashion Jewelry , Unique Design


Great Lightweight GIANT  gold hoop earrings to match your style.


Made of a delicate string of crocheted wire wrapping the gold-filled (14K) hoop, these earrings gently dangle and catch everyone’s eyes.

These hoop earring size is of 3.1” (8 cm)


Available in various sizes, from mini studs to giant hoops, and in various metals and colors, you will find the perfect match for any mood of the year.


Delivered right to your doorstep and packaged in a gift box, it’s the perfect treat for yourself or a truly great surprise for your best friend.


These earrings have become my trademark; they have been appreciated by women all over the world!


“These are beautifully made! They're also a good size for hoop earrings and can be worn with any outfit, for any occasion.”


“Feather light and so feminine”


“Love love love! Just need someone to buy me the bracelet now”


“Gorgeous! Intricate and beautiful. Thank you”



Check other hoop sizes and designs:


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