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Introducing a large Hand of Fatima known also as Hand of Miriam, Hamsa Hand, Khamsa loom

the tool do not come with instructions, you can work intuitively or look at my finished piece up close :)

Size : 4.7/6.5" (11.5/17cm )

Color: Black

The "Hand of Fatima," also known as the "Hamsa Hand" or "Khamsa," is a widely recognized symbol in various cultures, particularly in the Middle East and North Africa. The symbol is shaped like an open hand, and it often features an eye in the center of the palm.

The story behind the Hand of Fatima is closely tied to religious and cultural beliefs:

Judaism: The symbol is also present in Jewish culture, where it is known as the "Hamsa" or "Hand of Miriam" (referring to Miriam, the sister of Moses). It is believed to offer protection from the evil eye and negative energies.

Islamic Tradition: In Islamic tradition, Fatima is the daughter of the Prophet Muhammad and is highly revered. The hand symbol is sometimes associated with her, as she is considered a symbol of purity, love, and compassion. In some interpretations, the Hand of Fatima is seen as a source of protection and blessings.

North African and Middle Eastern Cultures: The Hamsa is prevalent in various cultures in the region, including Moroccan, Tunisian, and Israeli. It is often used as an amulet or charm to protect against the evil eye, which is believed to bring harm or misfortune.

The presence of an eye in the center of the Hand of Fatima is related to the idea of warding off the evil eye, a belief that a malevolent stare or gaze can bring harm to a person. The eye in the hand is thought to provide protection by "watching over" and deflecting any negative energy.

Over time, the Hand of Fatima has become a popular symbol in jewelry, home decor, and as a charm or amulet to bring good luck and protection. It represents not only cultural and religious significance but also a sense of security and positivity in many people's lives.


Landed here by chance and not sure where to start learning wire crochet in the ISK technique ? go to the where do I start page, still not sure talk to me, I'm email friendly !



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