Meditation kit , compact travel kit


It’s a known fact that repetitive hand movement while keeping the mind focused on what those hands are doing, will invite you to enter a state similar to meditation, and quiet the mind.

When I developed the Invisible Spool Knitting wire crochet technique, I wasn’t looking for a way to meditate, but quite quickly I realized that in addition to the joy of the making, I experienced a state of relaxation and mindfulness, when my workshop participants reported they felt the same, I knew I was onto something.

The recurrent hand movements in the round, reduces stress and make one stay in the present instead of going mind wondering back and forth.

To enable everyone to experience it with very little effort, I have come up with a unique compact kit easy for traveling.

The kit includes everything you need to make a Tibetan looking knitted necklace. a small loom, a hook, wire, a draw plate and an a clasp. No special knowledge or tools are required, only good eyesight and stable hands. 

Always wanted to meditate but couldn’t quiet your mind?

Give this unique way a try!

In the kit :

- Hook

- Wire  red/gold/silver

- S Loom 

- Draw plate

- Instructions 

- Clasp


Can I sell the pieces I make ?

You are welcome to make my designs to sell, provided that you credit "YoolaDesign" and include a link to the pattern’s web page at or a general link pointing to the site. 

Using my images continues to be prohibited, you can't post my images to sell your work, pls take your own photos :)

The pattern itself and the photographs included in it are property of YoolaDesign, it is available for your personal use only. 
No reproduction in whole or in part or distribution of the pattern or its content is allowed. pls respect the time and effort I put in the preparation of each pattern. 


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