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***SOLD OUT***

OOAK misprints ! 

first image is the top of the items , the second is the bottom, look at both before you order.

#1   - XL loom (56 gates)

#2  -  XL loom (56 gates)

#3 -  Large square link making loom in orange

#4 -  Large square link making loom in blue

#5  - Bubbles tool

#6 -  Bubbles tool

#7 -  Link making tool SET in turquoise 

#8 - Link making tool SET in turquoise 

#9 -  L link making tool in turquoise

#10 - L link making tool in turquoise

#11 - Link making tool SET in orange

#12 - Link making tool SET in orange

Being able to print inhouse new products 
is an amazing journey.
I usually enjoy it,
why I say usually ? 
because its not always that smooth,
sometimes when I change color
it leaves stains on the first next product.
Sometimes there are small
deformations due to heat change
of the printing bed .
Sometimes I'm just not happy enough
with the resolutions.
Sometimes it goes crazy 
and I find a gummy looking ball
instead of what I was printing.
but hey !
I still remember the advantages 
of printing in house. 
I gathered all my misprints
that are good to use,
but did not pass my quality control standards !
and offer them to you in a generous discount.
This is a great opportunity
for those of you on a budget,
but also for those of you
that can make good use
of imperfect prints.
This also prevents them from going to the bin ;) 
I needless say there is one of each,
so take what you want 
with no delay.
and yes ! it qualifies for free shipping
if the overall order is over 49USD.

Have questions ?
I'm here for you




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