Oriental Atmosphere Wire Crochet Handmade Lampshade - Home Design


Welcome to my new line of oriental atmosphere lampshades, it is created as most of my work using a crochet needle and fine copper coated wires.

My inspiration for this lamp were the pomegranates, for those of you who know my work it is probably obvious.


The detailed patterns and bright shiny colors create both magnificent shades when lit and rich reflections during day time. It is just as attractive during daytime and night time.


When installed next to a wall magnificent shades are created, it can be installed in groups or as individuals.


Some practicalities:

Size: 2.8“ (70 mm) diameter, height 3.1“ (80 mm)


The lampshade arrives with a brass light socket (1.2”/30mm long) for a 12V 20W Halogen lamp and a 78”(2 meter) long flexible metal wire (0.08”/2mm diameter).


A standard electronic transformer is required for adjusting the voltage into 12V (both from 110V and 2


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