Partial Supply pendant light kit - brass light socket and long flexible metal wire


a Partial supply kit of the the electronic parts to make Yoola's Wire crochet pendant lights.

The listing includes the following supply :

1. Brass light socket (1.2”/30mm long) for a 12V 20W Halogen lamp in either nickel or brass finish

2. 78” (2 meter) long flexible metal wire (0.08”/2mm diameter) in either nickel or brass finish

Note this is a kit of the mentioned parts only

The full kit plus instructions s available HERE 

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Discover a new wire crochet technique I have developed, the ISK (Invisible Spool Knitting)!

This is not the standard crochet you have been used to; trying to find the right wording for it, the most accurate appears to be the ISK, a technique with which you will create designs that look like knitting, while using a crochet hook.