Personalized jewelry making Kit - Pick your kit combination

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A personalized jewelry making kit combination , pick your own wire crochet combo kit.

Each design has its own Video tutorial & printable  PDF pattern , giving you the best e-learning experience. Both the video and the PDF are Very detailed and in high quality features, these step by step tutorials do not require any previous knowledge to be followed successfully .

For each design you will receive A CD with the video and PDF instructions, wire, ISK starters relevant to the specific design and , a hook and findings ! 

in this listing you will be able to choose the following options :

1 kit , 2 kits , 3 kits, 6 kits & even 12 ! in any combination you like,

pls make sure to indicate on checkout which kit #'rs you want packed for you .

I needless say there are great reductions when combining several kits into the same combo ;-)

the full kits list is the following:

# 1 YoolaTube

# 2  YoolaFlower

# 3 YoolaCuff

# 4  Yoolaring 

# 5  Yoola pomegranates

# 6  Yoola Infinity

# 7 Yoola Eve earrings

# 8  Pixie beads

# 9  YoolaHoops

# 10 Yoolaheart

# 11 Yoola Potion pendants

# 12 Celtic heart

# 13 Lampshades

# 14 Pears (PDF only)

# 15 Drops (PDF only)

# 16 Cleopatra Necklace

# 17 Dreidels

# 18 Braided Bracelet

# 19 Calla Lily Earrings

# 20 Cleopatra ring

# 21 Shogun Element




“fabulous results, very clear instructions.” Haidee

“These pomegranates are so beautiful. Yoola, I hope to be as skilled as you to be able to give these away as gifts.” Cindy

“Can't believe how quickly it was dispatched and delivered. Absolutely delighted with it. The instructions are clear and easy to follow. Absolutely delighted I bought this kit.” Joanne

“I love it! Perfect for making those hard to find holiday gifts yourself! “- Jillian



Feel free to contact me, I'm convo friendly



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gift wrapping is available upon request, free of charge.

Please note all rights reserved to Yoola (aka Yael Falk), and it is prohibited to make commercial use of the tutorial and/or the pattern, or making the item for sell.



kits #14,15 are PDF only at the moment

- The 6 combo package includes a total of one full ISK set, 2 hooks and 3 LARGE premium wire spools plus the finding indicated on each item kit. (end cups currently out of stock)

- The 12 combo pack includes a total of one full ISK set , 2 hooks and 6 LARGE premium spools plus the finding indicated in each item kit. (end cups currently out of stock)

this is not the standard crochet you have been used to; trying to find the right wording for it, the most accurate appears to be the ISK, a technique with which you will create designs that look like knitting, while using a crochet hook.

to see in more detail what each kit includes go to the "Crochet with Wires KITS" section.