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Wire Crochet for Beaders


Hi my name is Yael Falk the owner of YoolaDesign & YoolaJewelry, Welcome to my Shop !




I'm a jewelry designer and a wire crocheter, in addition to making finished jewelry I'm also happy to teach my technique.
I taught thousands of people my Invisible spool knitting technique , most online and a more moderate amount participated in one of my workshops.
As a beader I'm sure you always look
for new unique designs you can make and
stun your family and friends.
Why wire crochet ?
  • Wire crochet is the perfect companion to beading ,
  • It can enable you to incorporate your passion for beads in a new way.
  • A lot of my students are beaders and I'm happy to show you a taste of their
  • work.
Beading and wire crochet have a lot in common ,
With both you can create stunning impressive pieces of jewelry .
You will be able to either crochet the beads into your wire crochet,
Or make them separately and combine them into one piece.
For example wire crochet a tube necklace and hang over it 
A beaded centerpiece .
Since wire isn't as expensive as beads are , it will enable you to lighten up
your crafting budget while keeping it impressive.
To welcome you into this world of wire crochet I came up with an introductory kit
That will enable you to get the taste by making a lovely Cross ring .
The kit is a combination of the YoolaRing kit with an annex that includes the pattern of the cross ring.

Beading kit     

The kit includes the following supply and items :

  1. YoolaRing Video link
  2. Video tutorial explaining how to use the ISK starters
  3. PDF for making the YoolaRing + cross ring annex !
  4. 1 crochet hook size 0.75 mm
  5. 3 wire spools of 28 gauge copper wire in 3 colors , its much more than what you need .... :)
  6. S size ISK starter, a patent registered item tool to make wire crochet easier than ever.
  7. Beads are not included as you must have plenty of those...


 Read a few of our FEEDBACKS

“Fantastic kit, including Yoola's instructional videos that make the process so easy. As always, Yoola was super helpful when I contacted her - one of my favorite sellers! “- Catherine

“I love it! Perfect for making those hard to find holiday gifts yourself! “- Jillian

 “Wonderful instructions. Do not go anywhere else for this type of item. Buy with confidence!! Thanks Yoola” Ann Marie

 "I love this tutorial. It´s easy to follow and the necklace is beautiful" Cecilia

 "Amazing video and I love this process! She also shows how to achieve this without using her ISK starters. Worth every penny!"  Connie Haney

"Amazing service!!! Great tutorial. I will be ordering again from Yoola!" Becky 

with any questions feel free to contact me  !



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Yael Falk 

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