Wire Crochet Handmade Icy Lampshade - Home Design


This Unique wire crochet lampshade is a Home Design must! The contrast between the cold silver and feminine curves gives a tantalizing style to the lampshade.

This exquisite lampshade is created, as most of my work, using a fine crochet needle and coated copper wires.

The detailed patterns and bright colors create magnificent shades when lit. It is just as attractive during day time and night time.

When installed next to a wall it casts fascinating shades, it can be installed in groups or as individuals.

Some practicalities:

Size: 4 “ (100 mm) diameter, height 4 “ (100 mm)

The lampshade arrives with a brass light socket (0.6”/15mm long) for a 12V 20W Halogen lamp and a 78”(2 meter) long flexible metal wire (0.08”/2mm diameter).

A standard electronic transformer is required for adjusting the voltage into 12V (both from 110V and 230V).

If you have a crafty soul, check out the Lampshade DIY Kit with its supplies and tuto