XL loom divider strips set, Semicircle, Quadrant , Yin-Yang and Paisley


I'm happy to present a set of 3 partitions that fit your XL loom, the one with the 56 holes.

The partitions are designed to enable you to wire crochet additional shapes using the XL loom, flat ones and 3 dimensional ones.

divider strips - Yooladesign

The 3 divider stips in the set are:

The Semicircle - With the semicircle divider strip you can wire crochet a circle that is made of two colors, a semicircle in one color and the second one in another. You can also wire crochet a stand alone semicircle. In addition to these 2 flat options you can also sculpture the piece into a 3 dimensional design by folding it along the reduction stitches, but this is not the end, joining together more than one opens up a whole new world of shapes for you to discover and pieces of jewelry to design.

The Quadrant - With the quadrant partition you can wire crochet a quadrant shape, a semicircle made of 2 quadrants each in a different color, a full circle with each quadrant in a different color or a mix of 2 quadrants and a semicircle, and... also only three quadrants !  . Moving to exploring more 3 dimensional options, the quadrant partition offers, when folded along the reduction stitches you get a sweet pyramid ! ;)

The Curve - With the curvy divider stip you can wire crochet a full circle separated into 2 shades in the shape of yin yang, or if you only crochet one side you get an adorable Paisley shape. When folding along the reduction stitches you get an enchanting 3 dimensional shape resembling a mountain curvy ridge.

the tools do not come with instructions, you can work intuitively or grab the partials pattern from here : https://www.yooladesign.com/collections/wire-crochet-intermediate-level-tutorials/products/learn-to-crochet-with-wire-a-semicircle


Landed here by chance and not sure where to start learning wire crochet in the ISK technique ? go to the where do I start page, still not sure talk to me, I'm email friendly !



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