Autumn collection

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A couple of days ago I shipped out a very colorful autumn collection to a gallery in France. The color combination (picked by my client) filled me with so much joy that I was inspired to take some arty snapshots of this color celebration.
These are of course only a fraction out of the many snapshots i took and the items i sent.... but it I hope it does express the joy.
when I will find the time I want to combine the photos into a short film that in hope will show the items" dancing",or i other words a new item on my to do list was just born....

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  • Laura Trevey

    Your post is up!!

    xo Laura

  • Ayala Levinger

    The colors of the autumn are just wonderful! I know what you mean, they bring me joy too and make me feel like dancing (one last dance before the winter….?:-))
    Great photo's! wonderful collection!

  • Linda Zimmerman


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