ME? on a black list ?

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I would have never thought I'll find myself and my shop on a black list, and why.... because someone thinks i have been featured too many times on etsy FP !!
But the most annoying part is that this blogger/bloggist calls people to stop buying from my shop (and my friends....).
Read for yourself, white on black.....
If this person which stays anonymous would have put all this energy in making treasuries as we on our ISART team do, he/she may have made it there themselves, but instead he sits at the computer and counts the no of times and hours we made it there...

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  • Campbell

    Maybe there is an issue, maybe there isn't, but nothing excuses this anonymous, hateful rant. I feel sorry for them…being so consumed with hate will only destroy themselves.

  • Galit Barak

    I take it as a compliment, people who write these things have too much spare time….

  • Galit Barak

    I take it as a compliment :) people who do that have to much spear time I think….

  • Waterrose

    I never thought I'd find myself there either. And, I hate that they hide behind anonymity.

  • Alterity Button Jewelry

    Sounds like envy to me. I have been on Etsy for over two years and have only made the front page twice….Nov 2009 and Dec 2009. I have been in tons of treasuries, but these were the only two featured. I always considered it luck whether you make the front page or not…or a truly fabulous item that deserves to be seen the world over. I believe my FP's were luck…yours is truly fabulous that deserves to be there.

    So, to those who get angry that people make the front page over and over, please understand that the items are truly fabulous and deserve to be there <3

  • Made by Melissa

    What a horrible thing to do to someone and over something that they have no control over! I would never black list someone who is fortunate enough to be on the front page by being featured in treasuries. There is nothing at all wrong with that!

  • tractorgirl

    Yael, I agree with everyone here. Don't worry about the ugliness of some, what goes round comes around and it will come back to them and bite them. Beauty should be shared, and there needs to be more of it in the world. I am happy you have done so well with your work, you deserve it.

  • SchickiMickis

    I must say I think this is totaly not the etsy way! I found etsy to be a supportive community, and I do not appriciate hateful words…

    I am not in the "black list", and I find the designers to be very talented, and hard working.
    I would put them in my treasuries, and buy from them! beacause they did nothing wrong beside doing their job well.

    even if there is a problem concerning FP on etsy, the designers should not be punished for having great items and great pics, that were choosen by others!

  • Audrey

    Don't waste any energy worrying about that kind of junk. You have a lovely shop full of lovely quality products and that shines through
    ….and gets you on the front page.
    I dream of being there someday…. :D
    aka AudreyGardenLady at etsy

  • Patrice-The Soap Seduction

    Wow!!! I cannot believe that. How hateful. Like Galit says, take it as a compliment. The plan just may backfire and actually work to your advantage. You're work is amazing!

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