Bangles and hoops - crocheted wire jewelry

bangle earrings circle loop hoop jewelry yoola זהב נחושתזהב נחושת

bangle hoop crochet handmade circle wrist silver gold copper red orange green fall bracelet חישוק בנגל צמיד עגול עיגול ע כסף זהב עבודת יד

Do you know the feeling that suddenly the world is exploding of something that just got into your notion ? like when you are pregnant and suddenly you see so many pregnant woman that you wonder weather its the latest trend ...
This is how I feel about loops, hoops & bangles, up until I started exploring this shape I didn't give it much attention, I have a memory somewhere in the back of my mind that I had a pair of small silver hoops when I was a teen , but ever since then NADA/Niente/Rien ! did it just come back into fashion or was it always there and it was me that was away ..... ?

Anyway ever since it burst into my notion I became an addict, not only that I have now hoop earrings in 5 sizes giant, jumbo, large, medium and mini size. I also have bangles , in gold , in silver, in oxidized silver and in many bright colors such as red, orange, green and more.....

if you are crafty you are welcome to make it yourself , check my  crocheted wire jewelry tutorials section on my etsy shop

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  • Unni Strand

    I haven't worn bangles since I was 15, I think. But I bought myself one last Friday.
    I guess we are in the middle of a big trend. I love the way we suddenly find ourselves in the middle of the trends. You know, not really noticing but we must have done after all. If you see what I mean.
    I have noticed your hoop shapes! They ar lovely!

  • Ann

    Oh, Yael, they are so beautiful.
    Have you ever tried to make brooches to?

  • LUCY

    Son bellisimos y muy elegantes…….

  • Anitra Cameron

    Those are simply beautiful!

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