Crocheted wire jewelry workshop preparations are in full steam

crochet metal wires workshop yael falk yoola חוטי מתכת

My 2 crocheted wire jewelry workshops are starting in a couple of days, the first on Friday and the second on Tuesday the following week. This is a great opportunity for some face lifting to the Studio.
My sweet hubby built me a nice large and white wooden table that we will enjoy sitting around, the beaten bookcases got a new white wash, they look so much better !
and the best thing is that we got rid of so much junk we accumulated, I'm sure this will improve the Studios Feng shuei energies:)

I started preparing kits to accompany thy workshop for the girls, it feels like making Birthday surprise bags... LOL !

Promise to keep on updating....

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  • zsazsazsu

    too bad that Israel is so far away ! I would love to attend a workshop in such a nice environment ! Good luck !

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