Valentine’s Day , a perfect time for a DIY heart!

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Valentine heart wire crochet jewelry

The perfect Valentine’s Day heart DIY project!

Is there a better time during the year than Valentine’s day to send out tokens of love to our soul mates? A great way to start the new year too, and a touching gesture to give such a heartfelt present that has been crafted with love by you.

Here is a beautiful DIY Heart Pendant tutorial for you to make or to send! Click here for tools and supply.

Although an advanced tutorial, its video gives you a close up view that will lead you step by step into making this exquisite charm, really, anyone can follow it. All you need are two hands and a pair of eyes!

This delicate pendant is also available as a finished Jewelry, order it right here!

Don’t forget that in Crafty Yoola Land, this design doesn’t have to be a necklace pendant! Be creative and custom its use… and share pictures!

Heart Wire Crochet Jewelry Gift

Heart pendant wire crochet jewelry

Wire crochet jewelry gold heart

Valentine wire crochet jewelry red passion heart


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