Polyvore sets – make your Yoola set to win a prize

fashion girl’s dream idea Polyvore wardrobes

Every girl’s dream come true!

Become a fashion editor and create your own front page on Polyvore.

Polyvore is a wonderful board where you can meet fashion lovers from all over the world. The idea behind it is fabulous: browse and clip your favorite items and share your choice by creating savvy front covers.

Trust your fashion instinct and dress your models from head to toe with great designers items and accessories.

At the crossroads of changing seasons and just before the the winter holiday rush, now is the perfect time to refresh our looks and wardrobes. Let my mind wander about it for a few seconds and I’m already wrapped in golds, stones and crystals. Fall colors tumbling down with greens, reds and copper… Combine different styles, from classic to modern, urban and gipsy, the mouse is in you hand, let it flow!

Many templates are put in place, all you have to do is drag and drop… and dream!

You thought it couldn’t get better? Get ready to win a prize!

A couple of weeks ago, I have been contacted by Maria, an active Polyvore member in order to combine our forces and create a contest.  It has been such an exciting experience… and apparently the excitement is spreading around and it’s a truly inspiring window looking at all of those wonderful sets.

You have four days for creating the perfect outfit set with my designs right here , and you’ll be in for a gift by Yoola.

Thank you Maria for creating the contest!

polyvore fashion set wire crochet jewlery

polyvore and yoolawire crochet band ring wire crochet dangle earringpolyvore fashion set wire crochet jewlerypolyvore fashion set wire crochet jewlerypolyvore fashion set

polyvore fashion set wire crochet jewlery by Yoola

grey dress polyvoregrey shoes polyvoregrey clasp polyvoreyoola vogue jewelry fashionwire crochet blue Crystal pendant necklacegrey sunglassessilver and blue earrings wire crochet fashion jewelry

polyvore fashion set wire crochet jewlery by Yoola

gold shirtgreen shoesgreen shoesethnic greenvogue jewelry fashion yoolagold bangles wire crochet jewelryocean greem and gold necklace pendant in wire crochetturquoise and gold earrings wire crochet


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