Wedding fever – Carrie and her bridesmaids

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I know I blogged about it in the past , but it seems to never be enough ,

I just received Carrie’s wedding photos , it included some amazing group photos of Carrie and her 11 bridesmaids !

Carrie picked personal gifts for her bridesmaids, each received a necklace to match her eyes… :) or her heart , or the month she was born in .
I think its a great way to let some personal flavor sneak into the overall uniform look .
Carrie said her bridesmaids were thrilled with the pendant necklaces she picked for them, and my card has been handed all over….. I wonder if any of my current brides are friends of friends of friends …
Let the wedding season last forever !

If you are a bride to be and looking for bridesmaids gifts , or jewelry for yourself …
check my bridal jewelry section .
I’m also happy to assist my brides in picking the right items to match their wedding dresses or their bridesmaids outfit, email me for advise on that !

bridesmaids group photo

bridesmaids group photo

bridesmaids group photo

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