looking for last minute gift ideas ?

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As a last minute person , I feel its my duty to share with you my ideas….

Idea no 1.
Gift cards, gift cards are a great solution if you can’t decide what to get someone, or dont have the time….
I offer a range of gift cards for various budgets,
If you have a specific budget in mind and would like me to prepare one for you , feel free to write me, I’ll be happy to prepare a custom card fro you.
how it works ?
Read all bout it here.

gift certificate at yoola's

Idea No. 2
If the person you are shopping for is crafty , you can purchase him or her Video or PDF instructions.
It will be e-delivered so no worries about shipping time
check my range of tutorials here

yoolatube wire crochet video pattern

Idea no. 3
If you have your eye on a certain item which cannot get to you on time for Xmas, I will be happy to send you a printable card that you can put in a nice gift box.
This way the person you are gifting will know you thought of him/her and will patiently wait for their actual item to arrive by snail mail.

pink earrings , wire crochet  

Idea no. 4
yes… there is more …
if you are crafty yourself and have a bit of spear time , get one of my virtual instructions with which you can prepare memorable items yourself.
supply wise all you need is28gauge wire that is available in most craft stores and a tiny crochet hook.
Check the whole range here

wire crochet patterns

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