September 2015 jewish holidays, I wish you a sweet happy new crafty year ! :)

2015 closed days holiday jewish holiday rosh hashana

September is here again, bringing with it the full series of jewish holidays that mark the beginning of a new year.

According to the jewish calendar TODAY starts a new year .

Due to the holidays we will have a few closed days along the month, going a bit into October,

we will try to be available for you as usual, but there might be some delays in replying and in shipping.

For your convenience I marked in the calendar below those closed days .

the dates are :

Sept 14th & 15th - rosh hashanah

Sept 23rd - Yom Kipur

Sept 28th - Sukot 1st

Oct 5th - Sukot 2nd

I wish you a sweet happy new crafty year ! :) 

or as we say SHANAH TOVA = in free translation "have a good year".

Yael aka Yoola

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  • Gabriela Heward

    SHANAH TOVA to you Yael and all those who celebrate the New Year! A Happy very creative New Year!
    Gabriela Heward

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