We have a winner for the WIRE CROCHET tea light holder contest !

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Our ever so successful wire crochet design competition is over and the submissions were stunning !
You can see them all for yourselves right HERE!   ... and as I said... we have a winner!

Warmest congratulations to Efi Kasida from Greece, who won with an impressive 102 votes.

The winning prize for Efi is a silver narrow silver bracelet  (which value is of 134$...)

silver bracelet in wire crochet

Efi has joined the ISK wire crochet community back in the beginning of 2014, and has ever since been sending me wonderful designs of hers, all of them following the ISK technique.

She completely deserves a post dedicated on her work and I'll be able to tell you more about her then!

" Japanese promise ;-) " .

As I previously wrote, I especially enjoyed this competition because of the  wide variety and high creativity expressed by all the ladies... yep... still hardly any men in our small community (they don't know what the are missing)!

Well done to you all and thank you for sharing our ISK Wire Crochet passion!


and if you are one of those sitting on the fence and havent decided weather you can DO IT :)

I guess you see the answer with you own eye ..

check my wire crochet LEARN section to pick the right option for you !

so keep calm and keep wire crocheting !

wire crochet tea light holder

wire crocheted tea light holder

tea light holder made of wire crochet

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  • Efi kasida

    I feel so overwhelmed and I’d like to thank You and All who voted ..I’m so glad that I took part in this contest ,I enjoyed so much the whole process and every minute of it…. Also I’d like to express myself on how much I enjoy the technique of crochet art…I admit that there are times which I wonder off for hours knitting with much pleasure….

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