Celtic heart knot necklace NOW also in BOLD

June 29, 2018

Celtic heart knot necklace NOW also in BOLD

Today I bring to you another example why I love teaching so much, no matter if it's online or offline, the interaction brings up beautiful results and spreads happiness. 

The celtic heart knot is of course not an invention of mine, not the knot itself nor  the idea to make it into a necklace. over the years I was always making it using the thinnest wire crochet chain I could produce, the 4 base stitch. if you are a long time follower you know it is not the easiest to create, and therefore although making the knot itself is not difficult at all, this designs was not offered to everyone, and whenever a new client bought it as their first project I would skip a heartbeat, hoping they will succeed although starting with a non beginners kit,

So there it was this wonderful design that anyone could enjoy making, but with the obstacle of an advanced wire crochet level. All this changed when on one of my offline classes, Dina, which is a veteran participant, attending our gatherings  for years now, asked to make the celtic knot necklace but much bolder. My first reaction was I wasn't sure that would work, and I can't recall if she made it with 10 or 12 loops, my worry at the time was that it will not be flexible enough and will not bend nicely into a knot. But it turned out very nice and unless I'm wrong she even made a second one for someone else by now.

bold celtic heart knot necklace

gold celtic heart knot necklace

bold celtic heart knot

bold celtic heart knot necklace

Seeing the success of the designs on a larger scale made me want to make it accessible for beginners too, this is why I wrote it all from the start as a stand alone wire crochet pattern. It is a available in all 3 versions:

1. a PDF only with images, illustrations and all the required explanations, a total of  24 printable pages.

PDF pattern celtic heart knot

2. as a PDF plus VIDEO tutorial, with all the steps showed in close up shots, all filmed form my point of view to make it the easiest to follow. 

video instructions bold celtic heart knot

3. and of course also as a DIY GIFT KIT, with all the required supply and tools.

DIY gift kit bold celtic knot

This celtic heart knot necklace will look lovely also in color, almost any color, so this is available too  ... 

celtic heart knot

celtic heart knot

What do you think ? are you loving it ?

enjoying the ISK technique and my patterns ? 

help me spread the word by using any of the social media buttons here below .


landed here by chance and don't know where to start ? 

hop over to the where do I start learning wire crochet page, HERE.


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