CLOVER statement necklace, wire crochet jewelry

April 14, 2021

clover wire crochet necklace gray and blue

The first thing I learned to crochet with wire were tube chains based on 12 stitches, ask anyone hooked on wire crochet in the ISK technique and they will tell you the same, this is the most addictive thing you ever tired, just sit somewhere comfortable, with great natural light and wire crochet tubes, I could do this forever.

This explains why I keep coming up with jewelry designs made of tubes, it enables us to enjoy wire crocheting without having to put any thought in it, just let our fingers do again and again this repetitive movement and see the tube gets longer and longer. I love making stashes of chain tubes and leave the design for later when I can use them as raw material.

I now have a machine that enables me making those tubes much faster, so I diverted this passion into making the 4 stitches based tubes, there is never enough of them. I wrote about it a few weeks ago, if you missed that post here is a link directly there.

In case you missed it, I recently started offering ready to use tube chains , they are available in 2 lengths 15.5"/30", this frees you from making the tubes and leaves you with the assembly ;) the ready mesh tubes can be found here !

The latest new designs I completed are the CLOVER necklace and her sister that doesn't have a name yet (maybe curly?), I'm still waiting for her name to reveal itself.

They both have the same principal only the construction is different, long and short tubes connected together, the designs that can be realized following this principal are endless, and not only necklaces ! also bracelets and earrings, all you need is the ability to stick to developing this idea. I'm trying to recall which of the 2 was made first and I cant remember, my sketchbook doesn't give any any clue, they are both on the same page. ha ha !

long statement necklace wire crochet gray and copper yooladesign 


The instructions for the CLOVER necklace are available in a "partial format" !

clover necklace pattern wire crochet

clover necklaec supply - wire crochet yooladesign

wire crochet supply kit clover necklace

my most economic form of instructions, this format used to be really compact with a page or two, and mostly variations of other full patterns, but the newer ones i wrote like the SUN and the angle wings have grown bigger, this one has 10 pages with closeup photos and explanations, what it doesn't include are instructions as to how a certain stitch is done, so if this is your first ISK project , pls take the YoolaTube video pattern with it.

I hope you will enjoy it !



as always I'm happy to hear what you think ! comment below or email me  :)


Landed here by chance and not sure where to start  ? ready this page it should clear things up , still confused ? contact me ! I'm friendly and happy to assist .




size chart

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