Crochet and Meditation

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Crochet and Meditation - Sounds weird ? stop for second and think about it, it makes total sense, especially for people like me that their minds are in constant vibration, crocheting offers a great way to get into mindfulness without sitting still on a cushion and breathing.

I tried meditation more than once but it just doesn’t work for me, my thoughts wonder about in all directions, I can't concentrate on breaths only, and before I even notice it had happened , time is up.  One of the things I found is working for me is Yoga, an hour and a half of almost no mind wondering, the type of yoga that I do is called Iyenger, it demands concentration on so many small parts of the body all at the same time, that you just can't let your mind go wondering.

But that's not I wanted to write about, how did I even get there  ? … mind wondering I guess, ha ha !

Yoga is great, but not enough if you want something more accessible, that doesn't require a certain block of time,  an empty stomach, a yoga mat, cloths etc. the solution is at the tip of your hands- crochet ! and for me, my favorite wire crocheting.

Don’t get me wrong, when I started crocheting I didn't look for a mediation substitute, it was a by-product, it took a while before I realized this is what it indirectly brought me, my hubby used to look astonished, asking how come I'm not bored with these repetitive stitches, but I wasn’t ! I was relaxed, content and happy.

Reflecting on the sensations it brings me made me realize that crochet offers a chance to meditate in a way that most people will find more achievable, the recurrent hand movements and focus on the work in hand, reduces stress and makes you stay in the present instead of going mind wondering back or forward, which is what we do with our thoughts.

I find that large projects are the perfect ones to dive into for crochet-meditation, It can be projects like the YoolaTube , you can crochet endless tubes to relax and only later on figur how to manipulate them into a finished design.

YoolaTube Mandala

The same goes with making stashes of the XS tubes, wire crochet tubes made of 4 stitches, I make many meters of them and when I want to make a Celtic heart necklace, bangles or hoop earrings, I have supply ready to be assembled . 

wire crochet stach

Reflecting on what brought me to write about the crochet-meditation connection just now, I think its thanks to the new giant looms for the making of the Yoola Manadalas that I launched lately, the Mandalas in addition for being a spiritual end product, bring in the making of them a good crochet-meditation opportunity too.


Coming to think of it, I think the work in the round that is characteristic of my crochet technique, the invisible spool knitting , ads another layer to the feeling of being drawn into meditation, It draws you further into the quiet of mindfulness.

I guess  most of you didn’t get hooked because you were looking for a way  to meditate, I know I didn’t but can you identify with any of what I have written ? would love to hear about your experience !


Yael aka yoola



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  • AnnieG

    I too, don’t do well with traditional meditation, I can’t slow my thoughts down enough to not feel like I’m getting anything out of it except total frustration. After crocheting for over 45 years, I didn’t realize until the past few years that crochet is and has always been the only way I can clear my mind.

    Thanks for the great post.

  • Susie-Anne

    Indeed, sitting down, closing your eyes and concentrating on your breathing, trying as much as possible to think of nothing is not the only way to meditate.

    A person who trains, runs and jogs can quite well meditate at the same time, as long as he concentrates on his body and not on his head. But also, it is true that it is often said that to meditate, you must think of nothing. Sorry, but to think of nothing, you have to be an ace of meditation! for beginners, if I can give a trick, is to forget this way of doing. If a thought comes to mind, welcome it, but do not keep it too long. Do not analyze it. For example: the thought of preparing supper comes to mind. Ok, I have to prepare supper tonight, but I let this idea go. I do not start saying “Oh, I could make rice with chicken, or rather potatoes and chicken with carrots and broccoli …” No! we accept and welcome the thought that we must make supper tonight, but we let it pass. Another thought comes to you? you must walk the dog? ok, I have to walk the dog … and let the idea pass.

    This way of meditating is easier for those who say that their brain does not stop. The goal is not to stop it completely. It would be like trying to stop a fan running! it is stopped gradually. One thought passes, one pulls on the rope to slow down the fan. The fan drops one level. Another thought, one pulls another pulls on the rope …. and so on, until our mental fan stops on its own.

    On this, have a great meditation! :)

  • Eileen Murphy

    Very interesting reading. I would love to lean more about wire crocheting. Thanking you.

  • Susan Millodot

    I agree with you wholeheartedly Yoola, I have one or two projects which are very easy to knit or crochet, and I pick them up especially when I need to calm my beating heart or over-active brain and soon enough I am calmer! I also like to make Chinese button knots but my friends and fellow crocheters, knitters and knotters don’t agree with me on that one!!!

  • Gina

    I have been out of town so I haven’t started my project. I loved what you had to say about crocheting and meditation. It is repetitive movement that makes your brain focused part of itself on your task, but allows the rest of your brain serenity. Knitting, beadwork, gardening.

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