Diving deeper with the YoolaKnitter wire crochet tool

May 29, 2019

Diving deeper with the YoolaKnitter wire crochet tool

The YoolaKnitter is still a baby just born which means we know very little about him yet, personally and unfortunately I had very little time to explore its potential since its launch, I had a binding deadline to finish The Book... (didn't hear about this yet ? hop over here : https://www.yooladesign.com/pages/wire-crochet-jewelry-17-elegant-pieces-to-stitch) .

BUT, luckily some of you early birds already received your YoolaKnitters , had the time to explore it and send me your ideas, Laurie told me she loves making one layer projects with it , I was so stunned when she wrote this, how could this have skipped my mind ?! it sure is perfect for one layer mesh ! any size of one layer project you want to make that is up to 24 stitches wide would be great. not sure what I mean ? watch this video :


Nechama that participates regularly  in my classes reminded me that the YoolaKnitter works great on a table, so those of you that like having a stable support when you work, the YoolaKnitter on a table or a tray or your lap is your tip ;)

YoolaKnitter on table

Lu from Australia has also been busy with her new blue YoolaKnitter , YES ! its available also in blue in case you missed this option ;) and she takes wonderful photos so I'm happy to share them... Lu wrote me that the YoolaKnitter is a great solution when she takes the train and wants to make earrings, thanks to the knitter she doesn't have to cut away the base and there is no risk in having these small familiar little pieces of wire being scattered all around ...

YoolaKnitter in australia

YoolaKnitter by Lu

YoolaKnitter flowers by Lu

so this morning when I was sitting to share all these tips with you, I decided to go on a litte expedition of my own, a short preliminary one, more will come I promise ;)

My first discovery was a yin-yang pendant pattern !!! how come I didn't come up with it before... ?! which led me to want to implement it in a half white half black combo, but i ended up making a simple dream catcher half black half white, need to improve on the transitional border...  another find was a flower with no reductions and really large outskirt loops, the one on the left, I simply skipped  gates and the flower was naturally created.

YoolaKnitter experiments

YinYang wire crochet

I hope this inspires you to experiment as well and share your discoveries with us all, more to come ;) keep following ...  

if you want me to see your work tag me anywhere you post it @yoolaDesign #yooladesign


Yael aka Yoola 

p.a. didnt order one yet ? here is direct link to the shop: https://www.yooladesign.com/collections/wire-crochet-tools/products/yoolaknitter-wire-crochet-knitter-isk-knitter

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