Join YoolaISK wire Crochet Community ! the Power of the Group !

August 10, 2016

Join YoolaISK wire Crochet Community ! the Power of the Group !

There are so many things in my "Yoola life" I'm grateful for, one of them is the YoolaISK Community memebers group I established on FaceBook .

Over the years clients have been writing to say how much they enjoy the invisible spool knitting and send me photos of what they have been making, but since the group has been established and clients started sharing what they have done, I feel everyone has stared to jumped classes... once again the power of the group shows its ability!

I have lately been so impressed by the creative top class designs, that I realized that although the original intent of the group when I established it was to give better support and share the knowledge, an additonal achievement has been accomplished.

here are just a few from the last couple of day , not how international is our community .... 

Fish pendant by Tanja Pfluger from germany:

wire crochet fish

Bracelets by Iris Kernstock from Belgium:

wire crochet bracelet

Necklaces and a bracelet by Bianca Maria Orzac from France

wire crochet bracelet

Necklace and bracelet by Nehama Bar Nissan from Israel :

wire crochet bracelet

Want to learn wire crochet too ? check the Kits section ot the patterns section to pick you favorite designs to start with. 

contact me if you need any advise :) !


Yael aka Yoola

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