Left-handed? this is for you (but not only ...)

November 12, 2020

Left-handed? this is for you (but not only ...)

When I teach live workshops there is almost always one left handed person, which led me to teaching myself to wire crochet with my left hand as well, it was easier than I expected, although my left hand is nothing to compare with my right one, I'm not the kind of people that can switch between hands and do some things with the right and other things with the other, my right hand is the dominant one with no compare.

When teaching myself to wire crochet with my left hand I could experience something similar to how it feels to learn to crochet with wire for the first time, if I had to describe it in words I would say I could literally feel my brain working hard in directing my nerves and muscles to follow the instructions it has been giving it. I was told that it's good to your brain as it creates new knots and helps postpone its declining ... 

All the left handed class participants I met over the years had no problem simply mirroring my instructions, they are used to it as they have been doing it their whole lives. In the ISK technique in addition to working with your left hand, you should also work to the opposite direction, work to the left (clock direction) rather than to the right (counter clock direction) as right handed people do. In the ISK technique  the direction you work in is important because it enables you to support the stitches correctly when progressing. It's possible to work also to the opposite direction but usually the results are not as good and the stitches are less uniform.

I was lately approached by a left handed client that inquired if she could use the YoolaKnitter or is it designed only for right handed, I assured here that she could because I specifically tested it when developing the Yoolaknitter, it was important for me that both hands can be used. Her question made me realize its not obvious and that I should film a short video showing it, as you will see my movements are not as fluent as they are when I work with my right hand, nothing to compare, ha ha ...

When Using the YoolaKnitter with your left hand you should insert the wire to the lowest gate and create the first stitch in the highest gate, since you're going to the left you should support firmly the spring against the plastic tooth when doing the first stitch, that's the only tip that is only relevant to left handed people using the YoolaKnitter, other than that its all the same, watch it :) 

I wonder how many of you here are left handed and how many right? ...


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Landed here by chance and want to get started wire crocheting in the ISK technique ?



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