Nautical vibe rings - Wire crochet rings

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Why Nautical ? the truth is I'm not sure , this is simply how I felt when I made the Cream & Blue band ring you can see here below, so I decided to adopt this name for this whole range of rings.

Nautical rings

Combining 2 wires when wire crocheting is nothing new, I often suggest it when someone wants to make a stiffer designs , which is always the case when making bangle bracelets , but sometimes also wiht tube necklaces .  

But the impact of working with 2 wires is not only practical, it also has an appealing visual effect. when experimenting wiht 2 wires I learned that if I use 2 similar shades , a new color is created , and if I use 2 contrast shades as in these Nautical rings, the knitted texture is emphasized . 

Nautical rings by YoolaDesign

The shades I currently used are perfect for a cozy winter look , when summer comes I'll experiment with different shades to see if they turn out a different effect .

the shades used for Nautical rings series are : 

B5 - Navy Blue
C1 - Cream mat
C2 - Antique rose
E4 - Spicy Orange

wire crochet craft wire for rings


The band ring pattern if you dont have it yet is available as a video pattern right here .

band ring pattern

if you are not crafty and want me to make you a ring , this is always an option :) 

I want a Nautical Ring 

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