Not just crochet ! a new line of wire crochet INK jewelry

January 02, 2018

Not just crochet ! a new line of wire crochet INK jewelry

You read it right ! the new line has more than wire crochet about it ;) I'm doodling too. 

I recently discovered another dimension can be added to my jewelry if I draw on them, at first it sounds a bit weird, but the results astonish people that have seen them. You know me, I love my wire crochet jewelry bare, but this new addition leaves them bare yet dressed up.


Design wise it can go in many ways, I have chosen a very minimalist geometric approach but I'm sure other approaches can be applied just as well.

I tried working both on flat designs and round ones, it works just as good.

I use markers that are specified for metal, tried nail polish but it hardened the wire work and blocked a few holes. 

Actually I'm very curious to see other directions ... so I decided to run a little contest to challenge you all, for now I think it works best on simple crocheted elements , though I might be wrong, this means that anyone can join the challenge, even complete newbies.      


up to the challenge ? 


How to participate 


Post your INK wire crochet pieces either on your FB page adding @YoolaDesign so I will see it ...

or,  on Instagram with the tag #YoolaDesignINK  


Can I post more than one designs ?


sure, and each design will be put to voting and enlarge your winning  


How will the winner be chosen


* The winner will be put to vote . more details on how and where to come .


What is the deadline


* to participate designs should be posted by April 20th !


What is the winning prize ?


*The winner will receive a 200$ coupon to spend on patterns at my shop.


 Happy experimenting !

Yael aka Yoola 





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