Online wire crochet classes are ON

September 10, 2020

Online wire crochet classes are ON

After one very successful private session with Linda and one more challenging session with a small group of students, I decided I can't keep dragging my feet and there is no reason I don't start offering zoom classes ...

my to do list looked like this :

- locate a reliable easy to use app- check !

- Install it - check !

- decide on the time slots - check !

- set them , hmmmm, scary ! made it all very real ... check !

- list it - check !

- let you all know about it ... ha ah ! check !

since I'm still "on beta" with this concept, I only set a few time slots and in very specific times of the day, the hours you see are all EDT, so do the calcs to your time zone.

Click here for the online classes section. 

Have any suggestions or request , communicate with me here below and I will be happy to make adjustments on the move.





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