Polygon looms system to wire crochet in the ISK technique

January 05, 2023

Polygon looms system to wire crochet in the ISK technique

I'm happy to present a new system of polygon base forms you can use to wire crochet in the ISK technique. As opposed to previous wire crochet looms I came up with , this one is not a set of separate looms but a system that enables literally endless structures, or at least more than I can count. Lets go over what it consists of, how it is used and what you can wire crochet with this sophisticated system.

The polygon system consists of:

3 small sides ( 8 holes )

3 medium sides ( 14 holes )

3 large sides (26 holes )


3 poles


How to set up the Polygon system :

The sides go into the poles to create a closed triangle shape, the same poles are used for all 3 triangles sizes. 

overall you can assemble 3 sizes of triangles.


polygon loom system


How to use the Polygon looms system :

1. The simplest way of using the polygon system is one triangle at a time

2. By opening up one side of the triangle will enable you to connect the new triangle you are making to an already previously made one or to another wire crochet shape like a flat tube.

3. You can also use just one of the sides if you already have 2 other sides to connect to.

4. If you leave the triangle center hollow you can open up the triangle loom, slide it into the opening and wire crochet a triangle shape link.

What you can make with the polygon system

This is the most fascinating topic yet the hardest one to explain without confusing you, because the options are endless.

1. The simplest is to wire crochet triangles, hang them on an ear wire or a chain, note that you can control the height and shape of your triangle, anywhere between a flat triangle and a pyramid. you can also decide how you want its center to look like, closed or with an opening.

2. 2 triangles connected back to back create an ethnic looking bead, I recommend making them in 2 colors for a nice contrast.

pyramid wire crochet bead
triangle ethnic bead on a hoop

3. A star can be wire crocheted by crating 5 triangles and crocheting them towards the center. Following the same principal you can make polygons with more corners.

wire crochet multicolor polygon star


4. Flat polygon ethnic necklace can be made by starting with a central polygon and adding smaller ones as in the image below.

polygon flat center piece wire crochet

5. A minimalist yet bold necklace can be made by connecting to both sides of a triangle, (double sided or not) flat wire crochet chains.

triangle theme necklace

6. Another type of bead that can be made is by wire crocheting a pyramid, turning it over and wire crocheting its other half, kind of like you make the pod beads, only on a triangular base.

pyramid bead
pyramid bead
wire crochet pyramid

 7. this is all great and beautiful but the real magic hides when you start discovering more 3 dimensional polygon shapes, like these 2 bowles, the small one is made of 4 triangles, wire crocheted continuously, each one wire crocheted attached to the next, when the 4th one closes the shape.

small wire crochet bawl

I hope you are fascinated as me of this magical world of polygons,

the set is available for purchase on the shop, CLICK HERE to get there.


Step by step patterns will become available gradually, follow the newsletter ;) 












size chart

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