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art art jewelry fractures mirror reflections

I haven't published for a while any of my art jewelry , but dont think that i have abounded that path, the quest continues.

On this post I am sharing with you work done with mirrors as the main feature, some say it is bad luck to break mirrors, but I must say it was super enjoyable, both the breaking and the assembling.

The theme was reflections , a term that has many interpretations, reflections can be literal or more abstract, I chose to go with the most straight forward - mirrors.

Most of the work was done using glue gun and here and there you can see a few wire crochet elements sneaking in.

BTW- Glue gun is super fun ! :)


No.1 - Fractures - a series of 3 mirror fractures re assembled into brooches

art jewelry

No. 2 - Pond - an earphone floating in a pond

art jewelryart jewelry

No. 3 - Talisman - mirror fracture caged in a crocheted net

art jewelry

No. 4 - WYSIWYG 

art jewelry

No. 5 - Rock in a Web - 

art jewelry

art jewelryart jewelry

No. 6 - Illusions - wire crochet tube going in an out of a mirror fraction 

art jewelry

art jewelry

art jewelry

art jewelry

No. 7 - Butterfly - 

art jewelryart jewelry

No. 7 - Papaya Rock 

 art jewelry

art jewelryart jewelry

any favorites ? ...

tell me what you think ! 


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  • Michele

    Amazing art pieces Yoola! I envision your idea will be to create a fractal pens/pencil jar as your next your step using ISK as support. That would be so nice to have on my desk. After that you will incorporate the earbud pieces as a top and you have storage jar. Yoola, you are so inspiring!

  • Kathy Ruth

    Interesting idea and I love how you’ve covered the sharp edges with the hot glue! I recently bought a new glue gun and some glue sticks with the intention of trying some jewelry techniques I’ve come across (and my grandson thinks hot glue is amazing stuff!). Now I have to add this to my ever-growing list of things i want to try!

  • Dalia maron

    Loved them all! My favorite is no. 5 .

  • נחמה בר ניסן

    I loved most of the experiments, but the ones with the knitting I loved more.
    More option: Replace the mirror with colored glass (despite the loss of the reflection).

  • rita

    N. 6 – Illusioni – tubo uncinetto filo che entra in una frazione di specchio,veramente meraviglioso

  • Donna Slessar

    Yael, I just posted to the wrong email….. silly me. My favorite is No 6 Illusions

  • Jeanne

    Love #6!!!

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