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September 05, 2018 1 Comment

wire crochet jewelry patterns

I want to invite you today to see how my patterns are only an invitation to waken up your inner creativity, how it is only the beginning of a journey and not necessarily the end, and how even when followed to the stitch it will still result in a piece that is all yours with its own personality. In this case it is the shogun pattern, basically the pattern teaches how to crochet with wire this basic bull head looking element, the basic piece can from there be used into making several designs, if you fold it and connect it to similar elements you can make a statement necklace or a statement bracelet, flat or with volume. but all of this was already explained and presented when I originally published the shogun pattern and wrote about it, you can go back there if you missed it. 

Wire crochet statement Bracelet - Yooladesign

Wire crochet statement Bracelet - Yooladesign

Wire crochet statement Bracelet - Yooladesign

The next stage or step in the evolution of this pattern happened thanks to the fact that I teach! yes… in case you haven’t heard me say this recently, teaching is one of the most rewarding activity there is, often by merely explaining or demonstrating something, new discoveries come to my head, and not to mention that I am blessed with the most incredibly creative students (mostly woman…).

Back to our topic, the shogun pattern, those of you that are familiar with its making and know how it is made will easily understand how these 2 pieces are actually made in almost the same way.  Only the left is symmetric and the right is A-symmetric, other than that they are similar.

Wire crochet pattern - Yooladesign

The a-symmetric shogun element apparently paved the way for more interesting designs, on its own or combined with the symmetric versions, and as always I feel that so much more is still waiting there to be revealed.

The Pioneer that made this trio statement necklace was Dalia, and the rest followed, all the necklaces you see here were made with the exact same instructions except from one that is half the size and was made by Tal, she likes it all in small size.

Wire crochet statement necklace - Yooladesign

Wire crochet statement red necklace - YooladesignWire crochet statement red necklace - Yooladesign

Made by Dalia

Wire crochet statement necklace black and gold - Yooladesign

Wire crochet statement necklace black and gold - Yooladesign

Made by Nechama

Wire crochet statement necklace - Yooladesign

Wire crochet statement necklace - Yooladesign

Made by Zipi

Its interesting to notice that although the designs look in general quite similar, they are still quite different form one another. You can see how the tension of the work and the stitches size ends up in different proportions; I know that for sure because they were all made exactly the same. You can also join them together in more than one way, and position them slightly differently.

Wire crochet pendant - Yooladesign Wire crochet pendant - Yooladesign Wire crochet pendant - Yooladesign

Made by Tal

One of the magic words is of course handmade … no 2 hands can make the exact same piece and no two pieces are exactly the same even if made by the same hands.

Color choice plays an important role too, see how it effects the forms being created just as the overall layout does, in some cases it is even more dominant than the contour.

Wire crochet ideas - Yooladesign

more to come ?....  

Fancy trying this pattern yourself ?

It is available on the video patterns and also as a kit !



Yael aka Yoola 

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Lynn in Tucson
Lynn in Tucson

February 25, 2019

These are lovely!

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