Valentine's GIFT for him or her - Wire Crochet GIFT

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Yes ! wire crochet goes beyond jewelry :) !
Valentine's gift for him
As the men in my life don't wear jewelry, I could never crochet them anything other than hats which I pushed to the extreme this year, making my son three hats and hubby just one.
That's a lot concerning I haven't used yarn for years.
But back to our topic- crochet gift for man for Valentine's Day or for any other day. 
The idea of making a little sweet something to be placed on their desk and smile at them while they work, if they work next to a desk, coming to think of that not everybody does, came to mind ages ago, I knew  exactly what I want to put at the top , but I couldn't figure out what to make the cube of.
It was stuck in mind that I'm looking for a wooden cube , but the cubes I could put my hands on at y local craft store were too small and not that nice, besides I don't like drilling ... and wood would require drilling. 
The change of plans came alive thanks to the Polymer Clay Adventure I'm teaching in , (click HERE if you haven't read about it yet).
Thanks to that I had some polymer clay lying around the studio ....
Earlier this year while preparing my lesson to PCA I experimented in backing the wire and clay to bond , and learned it works perfectly well, no change of color or deformation of the wires.
if you love them and want to make a few as gifts, below you can find  a short video showing you how .
The materials and equipment you will require are :
1. 28 gauge Wire in your colors choice 
2. Crochet hook size 0.6/0.75/1
3. ISK starters , size S (12loops) & M (24 loops)
3. Polymer Clay
and here it goes ..
for the crochet heart pattern, click here
for the flower pattern, click here 
for the cabochon pattern, click here  
for the Ring Pattern, click here
Happy Crafting :)

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