Wire crochet Cactus

August 02, 2018 2 Comments


I'm not quite sure when the cactus trend crawled into our lives, or was it always there? Like the pineapples and the unicorns? 

Looking back probably a year ago, I remember going to the nursery like many other Saturday mornings, to buy some herbs and went out of there with 4 miniature and sweet cactus plants. In case you were wondering only two survived my really poor gardening habits, on one hand they are real survivors, but on the other hand they are not really that friendly, they actually sting your fingers when you touch them! Not nice and doesn't make me want to take care of them.

But this is not what I wanted to write about, what I wanted was to share with you my new wire crochet cactus themed designs, it will be pretentious to call it a line of products, by now I made just one small cactus wire sculpture, I have it sitting on my table near the computer, looking at me and asking will I stay alone ?… ha ha , well !  for now yes, but I did  examine its look in different colors, maybe it will encourage me to make more. I will always need to make at least one more in order to film the pattern, making it is not a very time consuming challenge, but it does have its complexity, those of you with a trained eye when it comes to wire crochet can recognize these tricky steps. I will definitely mark this pattern as advanced.

cactus wire sculpture

cactus wire sculpture

Until this will happen and if you fancy making some fun small scale summer project, I can suggest the Cactus Necklace partial pattern, its sweet, fun and easy. Note it is a partial project, meaning this is not a full step by step tutorial but a summary of all the steps to be done with mostly wording and a diagram. The partial patterns in general and this one in particular are always based on other full patterns, the cactus pattern is base on the drop earrings pattern, or actually also the YoolaTube if you accomplished any one of these, or figured out on your own how it is made, you can successfully make the cactus necklace. The cactus necklace requires in addition to our usual recommended supplies also 16 small turquoise beads.


I made one in silver and one in gold, they are both available for purchase if you don’t feel like making one by yourself.



Coming to think about it, I could also implement the same cactus pattern also on a rectangle …

Taking a pause here to go make a rectangle cactus necklace.

I'm back … and guess what ?:) its nicer than the round one !

cactus necklace


See for yourself . it’s the exact same pattern and steps with one difference, the finish of the endings. Which is actually easier with the rectangle pendant.

any thoughts on my Cactus creations ? ...


Yael aka Yoola


2 Responses

Lynn Glasscock
Lynn Glasscock

August 20, 2018

I love the cactus plant pattern. I’d be willing to try it if you decide to make it into a pattern. I also love all your patterns for pears, pomegranates and lamp shades. I think the cactus would be a great addition to those patterns.

Sheila Prose
Sheila Prose

August 09, 2018

Dear Zoola,
When I moved to Tucson , one of the things I loved about it was the plethora of cactus. And you can grow cactus from the excess, I have 3 growing that I found broken off during my walks. I would love to send you one but there’s probably customs. I’ll send you a picture of a strange one my friend found at the Home Depot. When she added water it grew overnight. I liked it so much I bought a similar one and the same thing happened . Water=growth Perhaps you can find one in your local nursery. Maybe if you ask they could find you one.

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