Yoola Flower 2020

October 08, 2020

Yoola Flower 2020

It's always a struggle weather to improve my existing wire crochet patterns or write new ones, in most cases the new stuff wins, it's not even a fair battle, I always prefer to publish something new than refine patterns from the past.

So the other day when I decided  that no matter what I'm going to re-write an old pattern, and even decided its going to be the YoolaFlower, I was truly under the impression that it's really going to happen.

I opened the original file, made a copy and started going over it, when I reached the variations section my mind started buzzing with a familiar tune,

"are you sure the pattern needs refining? its not that bad"  

"There are so many more variations you could add to the pattern"

"instead of rewriting it maybe you should extend it"

"wouldn't your readers prefer more variations over new, nicer photos and polished words ?"

"and besides, if something need refining its the video, parts of it were made so many years ago, your filming and editing capabilities have improved so much during these years..."

I guess you can see where this is going ...

yoolaflower 2020

So in general my plan did happen, I did updated the old familiar YoolaFlower pattern, but instead of re doing what's already not that bad, I added variations, filmed the whole tutorial from scratch and added a part where I demonstrate how to use the YoolaKnitter when making YoolaFlowers.

When I publish new versions, as opposed to softwear companies, anyone that purchased the pattern from me in the past, through any channel is entitled for a free updated tutorial. Those of you that purchased it via yooladesign.com will get it automatically, just make sure to check your spam folder for that email...

Those of you that purchased it via etsy or as part of a kit, will have to email me and I will send you the download link manually, pls specify through which email or order numebr so i can easily locate it.

feel free to comment below what you would love seeing next... ;)




Landed here by chance and not sure how to get started wiht the ISK technique ?

this page was written for you : Where do I start


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