Rose gold wire crochet jewelry

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Over the years, as I was getting more and more requests for custom rose gold wire crochet jewelry, I learned that many people love it very much.

Rose gold is not a common material as yellow gold filled, therefor it  has been harder to find supply and findings , I'm personally always on the hunt for the perfect rose wire crochet materials.

I often wonder what is it about rose gold jewelry that attract people , and I think it is softer in its look than yellow gold but also because it gives it a hint of vintage chic.

What gives the rose gold this particular shade is a small amount of copper added to the compound, this also impacts the different shades of rose gold available in the market, going from pink gold to red gold.

For our Wire Crochet rose gold necklaces , rose gold bracelets , rose gold rings and gold rose bangles, I use 1/20 14k rose gold filled , that is somewhere in the middle between the very light pink gold to the darker red gold.

From what I learned from Wikipedia , rose gold jewelry was most popular in Russia during the 19th century, maybe this is what gives it its vintage flair.

In case you were wondering, the most popular rose gold jewelry I have is the wire crocheted band ring