10 Trends you Need to Know About Winter 2020

February 27, 2020

10 Trends you Need to Know About Winter 2020

Did you know that Mesopotamia and Egypt were the pioneers of jewelry production? Well, now you do. Nothing complements a winter outfit better than a piece of crocheted jewelry. Regardless of what you’re wearing, adding a crochet ring, hoop earrings (for ladies), or wire necklace can make you look more stylish. What’s more, with the help of a tutorial, you can design a crochet wire jewelry to perfection.

 Below are our top 10 crocheted jewelry trends for the upcoming winter. The crochet technique has endless potential.

 Wire Crochet Ring

 As you may know, classic wire knitting can be hard on your fingers that’s why you have to use thin wire in the range of 26 to 28 gauge, and choose the ISK technique. You can easily use a wire crochet tutorial to design a delicate band or a full finger ring. 

 Crochet Hoop Earrings

 Hoop earrings complement all outfits regardless of the setting. They come in a wide variety of sizes, shapes, styles, and metals. Some are plain metal while others have gemstones. Some contain beads, while others don’t have any other attachments.

 Some are wide and chunky, and others are delicate and small. I wouldn’t recommend small, plain hoop earrings in winter as they are likely to be covered by hats. On the contrary, huge hoops can be way too unnecessary. If you want unique pieces for yourself, then Knitting with wire tutorials can help you crotchet a perfect hoop.

 Crochet Wire Necklace

 In this category, you should be creative with your selections. Go for your favorite jewelry colors as no right or wrong combination exists. Any beads, gemstones, pearls, wood, glass or crystals you choose will work on your crochet wire necklace. You can select a combination of gemstones and crystals, all pearls, or whatever that comes to your imagination.

 Differently shaped beads can change the look of a particular necklace. Square, flower, oval, or round shapes complement coats, jackets, hats, scarves, or gloves, which are heavily worn during winter. With a wire crochet necklace, you’ll always look classy. 

Crochet Wire Bracelet

 It’s correct that bracelets don’t tend to match well with bulky sweaters. However, bracelets are great accents if worn on top of thin sweaters that are fit at your wrist. With one simple piece, you can get the stacking effect.

 To make a crochet wire bracelet, always use a quality wire so that the outcome is worth your time.

 Once you are ready to make your crotchet wire bracelet, don’t worry about where to buy crotchet wire because they are available in many stores online and even near you. The best deals come as a kit, making it very easy for you to have all you need affordably.

  Crochet BOHO Bracelet

 You can call it a stylish and refined accessory. It is suing more than one color and results in the Boho Chic design that is colorful and romantic. I have one that is crocheted with golden yellow, red wine, army green, black, silver, and ultra white … yes all thee shades together…

 Scarf Pattern Crochet Necklace

 This necklace is multipurpose. It guards against the cold while serving as a piece of jewelry at the same time. It comes in various styles like a lariat and resembles a stitch with clusters of ribbon loops that are knotted the whole breadth. It has 3-4 unique bands with each group containing eight loops each measuring 1 ½  - 2 inches tall.   

 This necklace has around 48 groups that feel like loops over the 36. Its band is recurrent, not trimmed and bound. It’s the sort of jewelry that can make you look classy on a red carpet, which isn’t always easy during winter. It is not made of wire but it's still perfect for winter…

 Neon Crochet Rings

 They are colorful and funky crochet rings. You can find them in a set of three, fuchsia or lime. Their softness and simplicity make them suitable for everyday use, and they can also be used as playful jewelry, best friend rings or friendship rings.

 Crochet Flower Earrings

 They are simple and fun to crochet. They are also fantastic for any occasion and can make an excellent gift for someone close to you. Finished size earrings usually measure 5 cm in diameter, you can make them in one color or change colors while you work.  

 Crochet Flower Necklace

 String together the flowers from the previous topic to make a rich-looking crochet flower necklace, It’s the sort of jewelry that will brighten your moments at every glance. 

Get Yourself Ready for Winter

 Jewelry embellishes a woman’s personality. The fact is, the word stylish cannot be associated with your outfits without some jewelry. Call it the icing on the cake perhaps. Indeed, crochet jewelry is magnificent due to its versatility. The best part is, you can easily make them at home during winter when 70% of your days will be spent indoors.  Winter is around the corner and we know exactly where you need to start.


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