Art Jewelry and me ... # 3

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Hidee , I guess that if you are back to my 3rd post my art jewelry adventure interests you :) ....

as always , it is much easier to design and experiment than to pause , photograph and write. This means the design I'm showing you now were actually made a few months ago.

Obviously a lot has happened since then, I hope that at some point I'll be able to catch up and post my designs closer to when I make them.

but hey ! busy is good ! this is how I was "programmed" anyway. 

back to our topic, 

on this post I will share with you more of my underwater series that combines disassembled hair combs pins in my wire crochet meshes.


"Black heart statement ring with with purple thorns"

Black heart statement ring


"square organic statement collar" - to be continued  ....

square organic statement collar


square statement collar necklace rotated


square organic collar necklace

 "Hedgehog statement ring"


"Underwater Statement ring in silver and Blue"

underwater statement ring - silver and blue


 "Alien statement necklace"  steel blue and green


long statement necklace alien

long statement necklace alien

would LOVE to know your impressions ......



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  • Gabriela Heward

    Oh yeyyyy Yael! Love your last experimental creations. As always I agree: ISK has endless possibilities… Your rings and necklace are a new proof….lol ❤ And doubtless there is more to come…. I know.
    With love and admiration,

  • Stacy selsdon

    Yael i love your new designs they are so punky and wild! Do you have a retail price for them? I think a spiky skull would be amazing don’t you !

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