DIY Jewelry Project Kit, Handmade Jewelry Top Ideas

August 19, 2013

How many times did you find yourself browsing the DIY Jewelry kit page debating what to click on? The range of choice and ideas is large but in it lays the perfect match for you.

Jewelry DIY gift box WIre Crochet


Let’s start our trip in DIY Handmade Jewelry land with the items you will always find in your kit:

•    One or the entire ISK starter looms: The Starters have been specifically designed by me in order to answer a need I found in my students during my live workshops. They are not obligatory in order to follow my tutorials but definitely make it easier. According to the tutorials included in the kit, you will have the adequate loom (size) or the entire set.

•    A crochet hook: Obvious I know, but this way you won’t have to start looking for the right one, you can start straight away!

•    Colored copper wire: Quantity varies according to tutorials. All kits have default colors. Feel free to custom them to your creative wish, email me and I’ll be happy to swap them for you if available.

•    1, 2 or 3 CDs: Each CD includes up to two video tutorials and their PDF version so that you can follow the instructions step by step. As an extra, you will also receive a short video included, which gives and overall explanation of the use of the ISK starter looms.

Extra items according to the tutorials included in the kit:
•    Wood drawplate: Great tool for the YoolaTube. Makes the necklace even and flowing. The drawplate can also be used for Viking knit tube necklaces.

•    Cuff tube clasp: Comes with the YoolaCuff design, you can choose the finish color: gold or silver.


You can now start choosing your kit, either by difficulty level or by the patterns’ style:
•    Level: Beginners: Ruby Kit
Intermediate: Sapphire Kit
Advanced: Opal Kit, Topaz Kit
Combined: Starter Kit, Beginners Kit, Extended Kit
•    Style: Classic: Topaz Kit
Modern: Opal Kit, Ruby Kit, Starter Kit
Classy: Sapphire Kit, Beginners Kit
Great fan: Extended Kit

Jewelry DIY gift box WIre Crochet

Once you accomplish the tutorials included in your kit, you can expand your projects range with additional tutorials that are available as online video instructions or PDF instructions:

•    Beginners: YoolaSunflower Earrings
YoolaTube Necklace

•    Intermediate: Yoola Lampshades
YoolaDrop Earring
Yoola Pomegranate – Home Decor
YoolaPear – Home Decor
Yoola Infinity Necklace
YoolaPixie beads

•    Advanced: YoolaHoops Earrings
YoolaHeart Pendant
YoolaPotion Charm Pendant
Yoola Celtic Heart Necklace

Jewelry DIY Tutorial

Never forget! I ‘m always here for your questions and inquiries, feel free to contact me, I’ll be more


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